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Recommended Area Studies Courses

Recommended Area Studies Courses for FLAS

All students enrolled at the University of Utah during the duration of the FLAS fellowship must take at least one area studies course per semester. 

For FLAS purposes, an area studies course dedicates a minimum of 25% of its content on Middle Easter related topics. Many of the courses on this list count towards Middle East Studies, International Studies, or language majors and minors.

The University also offers a variety of FLAS-eligible graduate-level courses. They are available through many departments, including independent study and cross-listed courses.

The following list is not comprehensive. If you are interested in taking a course that is not on this list, please contact the FLAS coordinator ( for approval.

Course List

ANTH 2035 Religiosity in the Middle East & US

ANTH 3131 Peoples & Cultures of the Middle East

ANTH 3328 Anthropological Archaeology Ancient Near East

ANTH 3329 Anthropological Archaeology Ancient Egypt

ECON 5400 Middle East Economic History

MID E 4780 Economics of Middle East & North Africa

GEOG 3650 Geography of the Middle East

HIST 1450 Middle East Civilization: Islam Origins & Empires, 600-1800

HIST 1460 Middle East Civilization: Modern Period

HIST 3392 Islamic Spain 

HIST 3398 The History of the Middle East

POLS 3420 Islam & Politics

POLS 3440 Comparative Politics of the Middle East

POLS 5085 Islam & Democracy

Last Updated: 11/3/21