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Past Thesis and Dissertations

Circulating copies of the theses and dissertations listed below are available in the University of Utah Marriott Library. Non-circulating copies of all Middle East Studies theses and dissertations, dating back to 1972, are available for review.

Jason S. Alexander, MA MES-Political Science
The American Experience in Irregular War:  From Practice to Policy, and Back Again

Ali M. El Husseini, MA MES-Political Science
The Political Evolution of Hizbullah and the Lebanese Political Landscape 

Luke Lavin, MA MES-History
The Zionist Cleansing of Palestine

Brad Michael O’Brien, MA MES-Political Science
The US Response to the Displacement of Iraqis Since 2003

Talaat Pasha, PhD MES-Arabic & Linguistics
Islamists in Headlines: A Critical Discourse Analysis of the Representation of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egyptian Newspapers

Tatiana Rabinovich, MA MES-Political Science
The Transformation of Political Discourse in Egypt During Sadat’s Era 

Zachary B. Rasmussen, MA MES-Political Science
Syria’s Alignment with Iran and Efforts to Encourage Syrian Defection 

Benjamin J. Smuin, MA MES-History
Roots of Domination:  Political Institutions and Social Structures in Syria from the French Mandate to Hafiz Al-Asad

Ali Tekkoyun, MA MES-Political Science
The Role of Religion in the Formation of Nationalism

Haider Bhuiyan, PhD MES-Arabic
Ethnography of Identity, Assimilation and the Dynamics of Community Relationship:  The Study of Muslims in the Utah’s Salt Lake Valley

Dylan C. McDonnell, MA MES-Political Science
Extreme Realism:  An Analysis of the External Relations of Hamas

Makoto Mizutani, PhD MES-History
The Journey of Liberalism in Egypt in the Twentieth Century:  From Ahmad Amin to Husayn Ahmad Amin

Cameron Nelson, MA MES-History
The Manufacture and Transportation of Gunpowder in the Ottoman Empire:  1400-1800

Brent Reiser, MA MES-History
Middle Ground—The Canaanite and Non-Canaanite Origins of Ancient Israel as Evidenced by the Gods and Goddess They Worshipped

Fatih Varol, MA MES-Political Science
The Emergence and Consequences of the Turkish Islamic Bourgeoisie Under the Impact of Globalization

Mika Lindquist, MA MES-Political Science
The Development of Islamism in Turkey and Lebanon: A Comperative Study of the Lebanese Hezbollah and Kurdish Hezbollah

Emrullah Uslu, PhD MES-Political Science
The Transformation of Kurdish Political Identity in Turkey: Impact of Modernization, Democratization and Globalization

Jason Wessel, MA MES-History
The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and Jordan: A History of Modern Islamic Fundamentalism

Uygar Suphi Aktan, MA MES-Political Science
The Founding Ideology of the Republic of Turkey: Kemalism

Brett Ethan Hanson, MA MES-History
Al-Jama’a Al-Islamiyya and Al-Jihad: From Inception Until Today

Mehran M. Mazinani, MA MES-Political Science
Word as Text, Word as Author

Fatih Balci, PhD MES-Political Science
Politicization of Kurdish Question Through Human Rights Discourse in Turkey

Brad Dennis, MA MES-History
Kurdish-Armenian Relations in the Late Ottoman Empire: Power Structures and Interactive Behavior

Zackery M. K. Heern, MA MES-History
Modern Shi"I Leadership: The Importance of Mortaza Ansari

Janine Jones, MA MES-History
Islam Versus Democracy: Postcolonialism, Postructuralism, and the Flawed Historical Debate

Abdul-Qayum Mohmand, PhD MES-Political Science
American Foreign Policy Toward Afghanistan: 1919-2001

Wendy J. Lombardi, MA MES-Political Science
The Islamist Movement in Twentieth Century Egypt: A Case Study of Ideological Groupthink

Dennis Morgan Davis, Jr., PhD MES-Arabic
Al-Ghazali on Divine Essence: A Translation from the Iqtisad Fi Al-I’tiqad with Notes and Commentary

Dusty Kim Hamlin, MA MES-History
Turkish-Arab Relations Between the Seventh and Tenth Centuries

Charles Michael Brown, MA MES-History
The Administration of State-Run Primary and Secondary Education in Iraq, 1558-89

Christopher Michael Patterson, MA MES-Political Science
The Origins of Identity in the Modern State of Jordan: The Role of Interest Maximization in Identity Formation

Abdul-Rahim Al-Shaikh, PhD MES-Arabic
Beyond the Last Twilight: An Annotated Translation of Barghouthi's Autobiography al-Daw' al-Azraq (The Blue Light)

Souad Tagelsir Ali, PhD MES-Arabic
Ali Ábd al-Raziq’s Al-Islam wa Usul al-Hukm A Modern, Liberal Development of Muslim Thought

Alan Dale Griffiths, Jr., PhD MES-History
A Technological and Historical Interpretation of Missle Bronze II Pottery Fragments from the American Expedition to Hebron

Asma A. Alsarhan, PhD MES-Arabic
The Quest for Feminist Identity in Kuwaiti Fiction: A Cultural Approach

Farajollah Alighanbari, PhD MES-Political Science
Kingship in the Siyasat-Nameh

Jeffrey E. Braithwaite, MA MES-Political Science
Palestinian Perceptions of the 1990-1991 Gulf Crisis

Brendon J. Cannon, MA MES-History
Nationalization of Society and Economy in Turkey: Historical Roots and the Case of the Turkish Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association

W. Matthew Malczycki, MA MES-History
Reaching a New Understanding of the Andalusi `Ulama' of the Taifa Kings Era (1013-1086)

Salman Bashier, PhD MES-Arabic
Philosophy of the Limit: Ibn `Arabi's Barzakh Concept and the Meaning of Infinity
Published as: Ibn al-Arabi's Concept of the Limit (Barzakh) and the Relationship Between God and the World. SUNY Press,  July 2004.

Roger A. Deal, MA MES-History
The Kabadayis of Istanbul

Judith Louise Jarrow, PhD MES-Arabic
The Feminine Literary Voices in Tunisia (1955-1975) and the Growth of Emancipation

Todd J. Watkins, MA MES-Political Science
Religio-Political Groups And the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process

M. Mahera Harouny, PhD MES-Persian
The Concepts of Love and the Beloved in the Ghazals (Lyrics) of Sa`di and Hafez

Brian Hauglid, PhD MES-Arabic
Al-Tha`labi's Qisas al-Anbiya': Analysis of the Text, Jewish and Christian Elements, Islamization, and Prefiguration of the Prophethood of Muhammad

Salam A. Noor, PhD MES-Political Science
The External Behavior of A Non-State Actor:  The Foreign Policy Determinants of the Palestine Liberation Organizations, 1982-1990

Touraj Noroozi, PhD MES-Political Science
Islamic Utopianism and International Relations: A Reflection on the Symbolics of Khomeini's  "Neither East Nor West" Doctrine

S. Elaine Clark, MA MES-Arabic
With Blood and The Eyes' Tears: Cultural Discourse and Scripts of Intifada Martyrdom

Abuhamid Abdul-Quadir, PhD MES-Arabic
Shahadah: The Role of Witnesses in the Islamic Law of Evidence

Muhammad Amanullah, PhD MES-Arabic
Just Retribution and Its Alternatives in Hanafi Fiqh

Recep Boztemur, PhD MES-Political Science
State Making and Nation Building in Turkey: A Study of the Historical Relation between the Capitalist Development and the Establishment of the Modern Nation State

Samer Ali, MA MES-Arabic
"Grammarian of This Era" A Social History of Ibn Hisham al-Ansari

Linda Patricia Chang, MA MES-History
Bursa and Aleppo in the Nineteenth Century: A Study of Textile Production Centers

Todd A. Cummings, MA/MPA MES-Political Science
Micro-Credit in Egypt: An Analysis of Various Approaches to Reaching the Poor

Ding Yaylalier, PhD MES-History
American Perceptions of Turkey 1919-1927

David Bartlett, MA MES-History
Institutional Imperialism in Bahrain from 1900-1956: An Analysis of British Intervention and its Impact on the Development of Political Opposition in Bahrain

Maurizio Oliva, MA MES-History
Contemporary Labor Migration from North Africa to Italy

Samira Farwaneh, PhD MES-Arabic & Linguistics
Directionality Effects in Arabic Dialect Syllable Structure 

Lloyd Miller, PhD MES-Persian
A Study of Form and Content of Persian Avaz

Paula I. Nielson, PhD MES-Anthropology
The Origin of Mut`ah (Temporary Marriage) in Early Islam

Margaret S. Paydar, PhD MES-Persian
Iranian Archetypes: Toward the Principled Integration of Archetypal Iranian Belief Systems

Muhammad Amanullah, MA MES-Arabic
A Critical Study of Tafsir `Ilmi: The Case of Modern Egypt

Krikor Chobanian, MA MES-Political Science
Armenia: Foreign Policy in Solving Nagorno-Karabakh Crisis 

Shaun Lopez, MA MES-History
Copts or Egyptians? Coptic Identity-Based Political Activism in Three Periods

Shadi Sahami, MA/MPA MES-Political Science
Female Genital Mutilation: A Conspiracy of Survival

Ronald D. Anderson, PhD MES-Hebrew
Discourse Markers in the Hebrew Bible

Richard Lyon Daly, PhD MES-Anthropology
Kings of the Hyksos, Tell El-'Ajjul in the Bichrome Ware Period: A Comparative Stratigraphic Analysis

Shiu Sian (Angel) Hsu, PhD MES-Arabic
Dress in Islam: Looking and Touching in Hanafi Fiqh

Teri A. Anderson, MA MES-Political Science
Economic Liberalization in Developing Countries: Political Constraints to Reform in Egypt

Mohammad Hassan Bakhti, MA MES-History
Ali Akbar Dehkhuda: A Political Profile

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