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Approved Courses

Middle East Studies Approved Courses by Semester

The following course listings are tentative. For the most updated version, please see the university class schedule.

Foundational Courses

MIDE 1000 Intro to the Middle East (BF)
MIDE 1545 Middle East Civilization Classical (HIST 1450)
MIDE 1546 Middle East Civilization Modern (HIST 1460)
MIDE 2780 Religiosity in the Middle East & US 
MIDE 2910 Arabic and Persian Culture and Civ

Area Studies Electives

ARAB 4040: Advanced Arabic Language Skills
ARAB 4050: Advanced Arabic Language Skills
ARAB 4207: Women's Voices: Egypt & Iran
ARAB 4272: Linguistic Variation Arabic
ARAB 4880: Special Topics

HIST 3005: Ancient Empires
HIST 3398: The History of the Middle East, 1798-1914
HIST 3400: The Middle Since 1914
HIST 4005: Ancient Israel & Palestine
HIST 4200: Comparative Empires
HIST 4230: Global Islam
HIST 4400: Introduction to Islam (IR)
HIST 4410: Arabian Days Caliphates 
HIST 4420: The Crusades

HEBR 3880: Jewish Studies

MIDE 3540: Middle East History since 1914
MIDE 3545: History Mid E 1798-1914
MIDE 3644: Comparative Politics of ME
MIDE 3710: Hinduism and Islam
MIDE 3773: Silk Road: Past & Present 
MIDE 3713: Peoples & Cultures of the Mid East 
MIDE 3753: Anthr. And Archeology of Ancient Egypt
MIDE 3880: Special Topics 
MIDE 3880: Islamic Fundamentalism
MIDE 3880: The Jewish Experience 
MIDE 3880: Religion & Fashion of Mid East
MIDE 3880: Modern Lebanon and Syria
MID E 4007: Women’s Voices: Egypt & Iran
MIDE 4158: Major Trends in Modern Islam
MIDE 4107: Model Arab League
MIDE 4325: Muslim-Americans in the U.S. (DV)
MIDE 4327: Classical Persian Literature
MIDE 4510: Introduction to Islam (IR)
MIDE 4549: Major Issues in Mid E History
MIDE 4580: Oil in the Middle East
MIDE 4880: Special Topics
MIDE 4880: God, Love, and Mysticism
MIDE 4880: Science in the Mid E & C. Asia
MIDE 4880: Environmental Issues in Africa and Asia
MIDE 5635: Politics and Society of Iran
MIDE 5647: International Relations of the Mid E

PERS 4010: Advanced Persian Language Skills
PERS 4020: Advanced Persian Language Skills 
PERS 4207: Women's Voices: Egypt & Iran
PERS 4208: Women's Voices: Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan
PERS 4270: Classical Persian Literature 
PERS 4325: Muslim-Americans in the U.S. 
PERS 4880: God, Love, and Mysticism 

POLS 3420: Islam and Politics
POLS 3440: Comparative Politics of the Middle East 
POLS 3490: Religion and Politics in Comparative Perspective
POLS 4400: Introduction to Islam (IR)
POLS 5085: Islam and Democracy
POLS 5440: Nationalism and Ethnic Conflict 
POLS 5450: Political Violence and Terrorism
POLS 5470: International Relations of the Middle East

BUS 3940: Globalization in Lit. and Film
CLCS 3940: Community Engaged Learning
COMM 5610: IT and Global Conflict (IR)
ECON 5400: Middle Eastern Economic History
GEOG 3320/5320: Terrorism and Security (IR)
HINDI 3710: Hinduism and Islam
HINDI 4630: Bollywood: Seeing India through Indo-Pakastani Film
HINDI 4640: Cultural Exchanges of S. Asia & Iran
HNKLY 4905: John Price Think Tank
FILM 3250: Arab Cinema
PHIL 3640: World Religions (IR/HR)
RELS 3620-001: Thinking about Religion

SOC 4674: Global Health 

Last Updated: 3/19/24