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Middle East Studies Hosts Rocky Mountain Arab league Conference

The Palenstinian Affairs Council

The Palestinian Affairs Council is in a heated discussion on blockade improvements. U of U students Clara Valero and Jeremy Patton are helping to negotiate as delegates from the SNC.

The University of Utah’s Middle East Studies Program hosted the Rocky Mountain Model Arab League Conference on February 16-17, 2018. The Model Arab League team is comprised of students who are enrolled in MID E 4107. Throughout the semester, students become familiar with a specific Middle Eastern country’s policies to solve real-world issues through collaboration with other universities.

This year, the University of Utah is representing the Syrian National Coalition. This conference, the U of U hosted BYU, University of Wyoming, University of Northern Colorado, and the U.S. Air Force Academy. Students work collaboratively representing their respective countries in different councils and solve the problems through debate and resolution writing.

Students focus on specific research agendas and councils, such as: Joint Defense Council, Palestinian Affairs, Political Affairs, Social Affairs, and Environmental Affairs. The University of Utah placed third in this conference. April 4-8, the team will be present at Georgetown University to compete with 22 other schools, nationally and internationally. In addition to their debating, the team will also have the opportunity to attend the State Department in addition to the Saudi Arabian embassy.

Joint Defense Council

Joint Defense Council. U of U student Morgan Arseneau represented the SNC and U of U student Becca Powell was a chair in the council.

Clara Valero and Jeremy Patton

Clara Valero and Jeremy Patton are discussing blockade improvements on the Palestinian Affairs Council.

Clara Valero and Jeremy Patton

U of U MAL team. From left to right, top to bottom: Analise Birchenough, Clara Valero, Jeremy Patton, Taylor Palmer, Michael Ader, Dr. Nathan Devir, Orville Clarke, Morgan Arseneau, Samin Mirfakhrai, Fatima Rasoul, Becca Powell, Max Wright, Instructor April Sanders-Aboulila.

Last Updated: 9/15/21